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The Symbolism of Tolkien - eBook

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Subtitle: Window into the human soul

The Symbolism of Tolkien is volume 3 of the Nineness Series. Tolkien's masterpieces The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, and The Lord of the Rings are written in a mystical symbolic language. The characters, objects, and places of this language speak directly to our spirit.
Tolkien tells us things we already know at spirit level: The evolution of human consciousness from the dawn of Western civilization to our future. Tolkien answers symbolically encoded questions about the who, how, what, and whither of our existence.
This Volume 3 of the Nineness Series lays the foundation for unveiling the history of Western civilization in Volume 4 according to Tolkien's symbolism. It derives the meaning of the symbolism systematically, logically, and pictorially.

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